Scriptwriting services for a short film demonstrating importance of maps shown at UN Headquarters in New York.

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UN-GGIM: Europe film on why maps are important for UN goals

Our scriptwriting focused on demonstrating that everything is connected: Floods, famine and pollution do not respect national borders, so a unified response requires international cooperation and coordination.

• Tapped into momentum created by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to demonstrate the practical value of geospatial data and expertise.

• Shows how geospatial information enables users to analyse and understand information connected to people and places, clearly and accurately.

• Highlights how the data helps to make better decisions and better use of resources by identifying patterns, predicting outcomes and taking preventive measures.

• Raised awareness among politicians and policymakers of value of geospatial in delivering better data for better lives and a vital contribution to creating the future we want for people and planet.