Maps and Legends PR OÜ was founded by award-winning
PR consultant and former journalist, Rhian French to provide PR services across Europe.

Rhian not only has a professional interest in geospatial matters but also has a personal passion for geography and its role in better understanding the world.

She is a great advocate for geospatial information and has a strong track record in demonstrating the value of geospatial data and technology in easy to understand terms.

As well as working with clients including UP42 and EuroGeographics, Rhian is a UN Consultant and is currently Public Information Coordination (digital media) for the UN World Data Forum. She was also a Consultant for Development Account 11th Tranche Project 1819D: Strengthening geospatlal Information and developed communications guidance and a resource kit to support Member States in delivering the Integrated Geosptial Information Framework (IGIF) Strategic Pathway 9: Communication and Engagement.

Rhian is a member of the Estonian e-Residents International Chamber Association (EERICA), a member of the world’s largest and most influential PR professional body, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and a Professional Ambassador and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (FRGS). She is also a proactive and enthusiastic supporter of the Women in Geospatial network.

If you are in the UK, please visit Three Trees and a Map PR Ltd.